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DM6400 2-port GigE input/output card

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Motorola / Terayon DM6400 2-port GigE input/output card
Price: $595.00
DM6400 2-port GigE input/output card
DM6400 2-port GigE input/output card
Product Details

DM 6400 CherryPicker Application Platform

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About the  Motorola / Terayon DM6400 Cherry Picker

The DM 6400 is a compact one rack unit (1RU) chassis with five slots for custom input/output options. This flexible hardware architecture allows operators to add application specific modules as their business requirements grow.     At the heart of the DM 6400 are Motorola-designed ASICs, powering the most efficient and high quality SD and HD rate shaping available. Designed from the ground up to address the unique computational requirements of MPEG-2 digital video, Motorola’s powerful ASIC solution enables the DM 6400 to handle an unsurpassed number of simultaneous digital video stream processes.

Digital Ad Insertion Over IP Networks   Moving from ASI to IP-based distribution networks is an intregal step in the transition to all digital networks. To maintain ad revenues during this transition, operators also need to shift DPI to an IP-distribution network. The DM 6400 allows operators to insert local and national digital ads over both digital IP networks, facilitating a more efficient process for digital insertion.

DVB-ASI/DHEI and GigE Networks    With the DM 6400, operators can continue to use today’s DVB-ASI/DHEI networks while providing a scalable platform which supports a phased transition to a GigE video network. As operators move from DVB-ASI/DHEI to GigE, the ability to mirror outputs allows them to process each transport only once and output it twice, removing the cost of duplicate processing of the same input.

Module Support    Motorola’s DVB-ASI digital signal processor (DSP) module supports static graphic overlay, motion graphic overlay, and squeezeback functions. It enables video service providers with a DSP module to insert programming, information, and advertising into content in real-time while remaining within the compressed MPEG domain. The DSP module also has the capability to condition MPEG streams for use with legacy set-top boxes. The general purpose input/output (GPIO) module allows attachment of external hardware that can serve as the source for event generation. The events can be used to trigger program switching or DSP processing.

Keeping Services On Air   The DM 6400 offers several methods for keeping services on air:

• CherryPicker Redundancy (CPR)—Enables a backup DM 6400 to automatically replace a primary DM 6400 when the primary DM 6400 fails.

• Program-level Redundancy (PRED)—Provides redundancy for the network input feeds. PRED can be used in conjunction with CPR. For example, PRED recovers from input stream failures, while CPR recovers from DM 6400 and local link failures.

• Output Multiplex Redundancy (Mirroring)—Provides redundancy for network output feeds. It is independent of CPR, but it can co-exist with CPR to provide high availability for the DM 6400.

• Ad Insertion Protection (AIP)—Provides protection for unicast ad insertion input feeds. AIP can be used in conjunction with PRED and output mux mirroring to provide link redundancy for ad insertion.